If you’re not familiar with this tool yet, Medium Botswana Email List works like a mix of Reddit, Tumblr and Pinterest, in which text content is posted and disseminated according to tags and subject-divided collections. In other words, people who do not access your blog may have contact with your content and end up going to your page! It is certainly a source of traffic that cannot be missed. The important thing is that you test as many alternatives as you can and analyze the results well, which brings us to the bonus topic. Bonus: test, analyze, repeat Effective marketing is testing . The increasingly consolidated Botswana Email List trend of Growth Hacking is there to show that. And to increase traffic to your website it’s no different: use Google Analytics to make sure your tactics are working, to find out which posts perform better and where your website’s traffic is coming from. Check out the complete Analytics guide we made before following the tips we gave in this post and start having greater control and knowledge of how your strategy to increase traffic is going, and thus have powerful insights that only you, an expert about your own company, may have.

Global teams: how to manage effective marketing teams?

Globalization. This term is a guaranteed presence in any debate or analysis of the current economic scenario, Botswana Email List  marked, among other things, by the growing possibility of commercial expansion Botswana Email List . Although coined in the mid-1980s, it is necessary to understand that the word globalization does not speak about something new, but about a process that has been in full swing for centuries . With this vision, it is easier to understand the challenges and particularities of managing global teams Botswana Email List . This is an increasingly common activity in the daily lives of managers . When observing this internationalization process, it is clear, for example, the influence of digital transformation.  Botswana Email List If today we are able to manage teams in different time zones, miles away, it is because we have access to techniques and tools aimed at this end. But do you know enough about global teams to manage effectively?

What are global teams

With the digitalization of processes in the most diverse areas of companies, the possibility Botswana Email List  of maintaining and coordinating teams outside the country was opened up. Outsourced or contracted, groups of employees can be assigned to carry out activities of interest to the brand, acting as international representatives. Definitely not something new. However, it is undeniable that, given the rapid pace of technological development,  Botswana Email List carrying out an integrated management , with local and global teams, is an increasingly viable task for companies from different segments. Resources, such as specialized videoconferencing applications and team management software, act as essential allies for managers. With them, it is possible to establish efficient communication with the different members  Botswana Email List , delegating tasks and, if relevant, monitoring workflows. On the other hand, employees, even at a distance, have sufficient resources to understand what is expected of them, thus facilitating their work routines. Botswana Email List When we talk about these resources, which provide the right environment for managing teams from a distance, it is inevitable to think about the scenario generated by the measures to prevent the coronavirus pandemic .

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