new innovations, higher labor productivity, better products, and services. Own Home smaller CO2 footprint, and lower operating costs through job automation. To give you an idea: the World Economic Forum thinks that a net 5 million jobs will Switzerland Phone Number List disappear in the coming years due to, among other things, artificial intelligence, robotization, nanotechnology, and 3D printers. Our future is largely determined by robots, machine learning applications.

Own Home and black-box algorithms

For conducting mass surveillance. To see who may infect with the virus. With whom they have had contact and how they move socially. What long seemed like a far-from-our-bed show is becoming commonplace in more and more countries: tracking the masses, groups of people, and individuals through smart technology. Hopefully, this ‘health security will not be us for other purposes against civilians, but that will soon turn out to be a vain hope. Think of China with its social credit system.

Switzerland Phone Number List

A warned person counts for two! 8. Healthy living Healthy lifestyle Corona has considerably fueled the attention and need for a healthy lifestyle. People with poor health and/or underlying health problems were especially susceptible to the virus. Often, but certainly not always, the elderly. Most of the corona patients who ended up in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) during the first wave were overweight. The attention to prevention and a healthy lifestyle is increasing further.

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