A few people I don’t know what’s stopping me. Most of the photos I love contain people. I may be leaving it to have something to fill my last years. On the other hand I really like to sanctify common objects to present houses chairs stones in a way that elevates them gives them a value that they don’t have in real life. I want all photos to be uplifting to be carriers of emotions. If what you want to photograph has a heavy aura of emotion in itself like for example the Acropolis it is very difficult. If on the other hand you go to something very trivial a discarded shirt on a bed it is a difficulty of a different type. I try to endow the inanimate with a sanctity.

If I shoot portraits

What I must do is transcend the face itself and its features whether it is beautiful ugly or sad and give it a sacred dimension. To go beyond the Photo Retouching obvious and create a duration in time. The Allure of Mystery MT Does the sanctuary also retain a religious meaning for you PR There are elements in all religions that fascinate me. I am fascinated by the respect of the unknown I am fascinated by the texts of religions. There is something about the sanctuary that interests me. The sacred like Art denotes something that escapes science something that escapes absolute knowledge and that embraces the unknown. No one knows what happens after death it’s funny to be sure it’s a mystery. You cannot rule out mysteries when you deal with Art because Art is a mystery. It is sacred when you take something from its everyday use and in some.

Photo Retouching

Unknown way add to it a value

That the one who sees it recognizes without being able to articulate it. It is not I think wise to remove from our lives the fascination of this USA Phone List unknown mystery. We have to live with doubt. What I hold and I want everyone to hold is what moves them. Because What Moves You Fills Your. Little Life Which We All Know Begins With the Unknown and Ends. With the Unknown.in a Recent Survey Conducted by Highlights Magazine. The Percentage of Those Who Express a Lot Through  Arts. Photography Visual Arts . Accordingly Those Who Express Themselves Through Photography and Belong to a Higher Educational. Level Approach While for the Visual Arts the Percentage is . To Begin With Where Would You Attribute This Difference Between Photography and Visual Arts in the. Continuation of the Research It is Stated That the Percentage. Of Those Who Never Visit Galleries or Art Spaces Reaches.

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