Have you ever heard a song you liked  while Burundi Email List shopping there? And the aesthetics of the place, do you like it? This is all brand experience! It has been very common for a long time to apply this strategy in retail, but over the years it has been necessary to adapt it to digital. In this environment, the visual and sound fields Burundi Email List  have great strength, as they capture attention and generate sensations with precision, even virtually. A striking example, for those who lived in the early 2000s, were the sounds of the MSN Messenger instant messaging tool. They were alerts that indicated the arrival of messages, when a friend went online, among other actions. These are epoch-making sounds that helped build an experience that generated brand awareness and Burundi Email List  associations. MSN feel The emotional impact is the main factor that pillar. The idea is for brands to be able to generate engaging experiences based on the feelings they provoke in their consumers, always directing this action towards positive approaches.

Today consumers expect much more than a business relationship

Of The experience also involves the performance Burundi Email List  of the brand and the way in which it guarantees convenience and convenience to the customer. In this experience, the brand must always be willing to solve problems and act proactively in favor of the consumer. connect The feeling of belonging is one of the most important pillars and one that best makes a connection with the reality of digital Burundi Email List  transformation . Today, consumers expect much more than a business relationship. They want to be participative, they want to interact and, in general, they want to be part of the brand’s routine and its activities . The role of the Connect pillar is precisely that: to ensure that brands work closer to their audience, so that it develops a sense of identification. This is possible in both physical and digital retail, and the best Burundi Email List  ways to get it are: define placements that meet the brand persona ; work with storytelling strategies that communicate the pain and routine of the persona; share company routine content on Burundi Email List  channels such as Instagram Stories; keep channels of interaction open on social networks .

What are the gains when applying the brand experience

The application of the brand experience Burundi Email List  brings concrete results for brands that decide to develop their operations through the retail and relationship experience. Regardless of whether the work is on-site or digital, using the aforementioned pillars guarantees decisive strategic gains. Understand better what they are and why they are so valuable! loyalty Loying customers Burundi Email List  is more difficult than winning new ones , and the reason is simple: only those who really see value in the relationship with the brand remain. This can only be achieved with a brand experience work as part of the efforts, providing unforgettable moments to each consumer. A customer can buy, for example, a smartphone of any brand, but few are able to place it on a level of belonging to an exclusive group. Based on this strategy Burundi Email List , companies like Apple, with precise marketing and innovative design, manage to win over a legion of loyal buyers, thanks to their unique products. apple Value Creating value is Burundi Email List  one of the main challenges, but also one of the most valuable gains that a company can achieve from the brand experience .

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