So, this is the moment for that Czechia Business Email List sincere question: “if my company didn’t exist, what would the customer’s business or life be like?” The answer can give you many truths about your company and how relevant it is being. What is the importance of the customer experience and the  Czechia Business Email List  The experience a customer has with your brand and how much you help them to succeed are directly related to how willing they are to do or keep business with you. Simple actions can both positively and negatively impact how customers perceive you. Just open LinkedIn for a moment and see many cases of companies that Czechia Business Email List  during the crisis are being loved and defended, and many that are being criticized. So I suggest you focus on three factors, which I refer to here as the 3 As: 3 As Service To stand out at this moment, your company needs to have the best service and make it a competitive advantage Czechia Business Email List . You need to offer a unique experience.

Provide customer-focused service

Designed for them, customized for them, Czechia Business Email List  able to help them solve their greatest pain at the moment, whether selling more or satisfying their hunger. Alignment Ensure the delivery of the best solutions within the needs and time expected by Czechia Business Email List  the customer. Prometheus? Comply. Be flexible, think that just as you are going through a difficult time, he may also need to find possibilities. Be extremely strategic now that you know your customer. Surprise him at the right time, present a business plan for this moment, suggest a product and propose how you will help him out of this situation. Attitude The sense of humanization is more alive than ever Czechia Business Email List . Attention, care and humanity do not usually require effort, but they do require sensitivity. Prepare everyone who is in contact with the customer to remain 100% focused and aligned with what your company intends to deliver to consumers. Invest in dialogue and always surprise.

How to do this in practice

Be available Show the customer he Czechia Business Email List  can find you. Invest in service channels that allow the ideal answers at the right time. Train the entire team that will have contact with the consumer and show how to respond and interact through tools such as email, WhatsApp and chatbot. And always remember Czechia Business Email List  humanization and personalization. 2. Create channels for problem solving All the person or company wants now is to be able to find answers and solve problems. Everyone is adapting to the moment, working remotely requires more confidence and we have less control over everything Czechia Business Email List . So help your customers understand how things are going and that you are ready to help. If a demand previously took a long time to be fulfilled, rethink your processes and focus on fast problem resolution. 3. Create options, understand the moment and enable Is it a discount? Czechia Business Email List  Payment term negotiation? Agility in delivery? Delivery option? Understand what helps your customer and do it.

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