This offers great opportunities and threats for people, organizations, and society. Great opportunities Amazon, for example, is a company that has long been using artificial intelligence to better serve customers, reduce costs and outsmart the competition. By largely automating Amazon Marketplace and equipping distribution centers with Thailand Phone Number List thousands of robots for order picking, among other things. We also see many new AI applications in healthcare that make healthcare better and cheaper with personalized.

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During exercise you will suddenly receive a message with: ‘Stop running for a while, you have a high risk of a heart attack. Contact your doctor.’ The man wears sports watch while running. Major Threats There is a big adder in the grass. Without us even realizing it, we expose to the danger of AI on a daily basis. Whether it concerns benefits affairs, ethnic profiling by the police ( predictive policing. The unwanted ‘direction’ of search results by Google and Facebook the unwanted influencing of elections, or the use of dubious benefit algorithms by municipalities.

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Privacy boss Aleid Wolfsen of the Dutch Data Protection Authority says about this in the AD. ‘Fantastic on the one hand what technology brings us, but on the other hand. It is life-threatening what is happening.’ health security China, South Korea. Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Israel are using ‘big brother is watching you’ technology. On a large scale to combat the corona crisis.

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