Also in the unique presence of each of his students also contributes to this. The very presence of the new student gives the given cognitive content a different nuance. The anxiety of the first day of a lesson is at the same time the greatest joy of teaching. It is the moment where everything is open and possible. The teacher has a new chance to make a better lesson. Students are by definition all capable and wonderful. A hope is floated by everyone for everything. Hope of course that we know will be partially disproved but also that we are also sure that it will be partially vindicated. The most important thing is that for the teacher as many new possibilities of creation are born as there is the number of his students.

However because this first

Meeting is also the starting point for an equal number of emotional entanglements it also hides the danger of every relationship. And at this E-Commerce Photo Editing Service point the first possible source of bitterness appears. That is when the didactic exchange is endangered by the psychodramatic difficulties that accompany every close human relationship. It is the teacher who must protect the relationship from such entanglements. After all he has the greatest and most visible authority. This power which through its charm is able to drag every relationship into an area of ​​conflict an area tragically attractive but also fatal for the needs of didactic transfer. The joy of the acquaintance would certainly not be enough to justify the teacher. But a fight starts from her. He of imparting knowledge and methods. Knowledge that consists more in questions and methods that are more goals in themselves than tools.

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This struggle is not so much

About a final goal which is unknown and unattainable but about a process the recognition of which is the basic content of teaching. That is why every USA Phone List teaching end is logically arbitrary. Its content spans any duration and is shaped along with it. Of course the word struggle also implies the word game. Because no matter how serious the teaching is we must not forget that it contains the interest of a game. As serious as only games can seem. can bend under its own weight and be devoid of joy and remain sterile. Because it makes sense to avoid the struggle and seek the game. In this game the teacher has to solve a problem each time. How to stay himself and at the same time transmit what he is to different receivers. Different in age social origin prejudices IQ and sensitivity. The difficult thing is that the rules of the game do not allow him to adapt to each student because this involves an element of deception.

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