By calling the soviet union the state. Even though this is not true. Actually, the soviet union was a territory that stretched across and was a union of 15 countries. Maybe the reason for this misunderstanding was because the soviet. Union at that time happened to have a capital city located in region.  By the as the largest and most powerful republic. So if not , what exactly was the soviet union. Does the soviet union still exist today. Let’s look at the following review so that can understand this.

Get to know the Soviet Union

The soviet union was a union or federation of countries that had. A socialist communist understanding and existed from 1922 to 1992. Initially, the federation consisted Philippines Phone Number List of only four countries, namely the soviet federated socialist republic or the and . Starting from four countries. Then the soviet union grew into 15 countries (in 1956) consisting . Russia .The soviet union adhered to a one-party political system, namely the communist party, until 1990. Even though the soviet union was actually a political unit of several soviet republics.

History of the Formation of the Soviet Union

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From this rapid industrial development, the working class or proletariat also developed. At that time, workers were used as slaves for the bourgeoisie. Causing social inequality society. Finally USA Phone List socialist movements continued to emerge. The socialist movement against the capitalists in continued to struggle. Until they finally founded the social democratic party in 1898, which was initiated by . Together with other workers, they fight for equality in law, press, independence, to improve their destiny so they can prosper. Unfortunately, in 1903, the social democratic party split into the socialist. Party led by and the communist party led by. Under the leadership of tsar ii, not only did industrial development occur. But also the war between and japan, to be precise in and was won by the state. This resulted in public trust in tsar ii dropping drastically. Well, both the supporters of the socialist party. And the communist party demanded changes to the empire.

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