Field officers came to his farm and showed him how Bhutan Email List to use them. Sale 26:31 We used to plant seeds just any which way—70, 80 centimeters, even a meter apart. But from learned to space them no more than 20 centimeters, so that we get the most yield from the land. Jonathan Levine 26:45 By the end of that season, says his maize harvest was about 8,000 Bhutan Email List ilos or quadruple his normal crop. With the extra income the next year and every year since, he has leased or bought more land. Today, his farm encompasses 20 hectares. That’s 10 times what he started with—plenty to feed his household of 15 children, and then some Sale Bhutan Email List 27:12 My income has increased significantly. Last year, I finished building my big 10-room house.

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I now own my own motorbike, and my children are all Bhutan Email List in school. As I’m speaking to you, my firstborn son is actually in university, the first one ever in my family. He is even studying agriculture so he can bring back the modern techniques he’s learning to help the family and the community. Before, I never even dreamed that I could achieve all this. Jonathan Levine 27:45 That first season, Kola signed up about 100 farmers to —barely half his target. But as the early Bhutan Email List recruits like proved out the model, 600 signed up the next year and 1,500 the year after that. Today, has 86,000 members, a four-fold increase in just the last two years. Still, I was skeptical that experience was typical. So I asked him. Halliru Sale 28:18 This story is not just typical of me. I know Bhutan Email List plenty of people in my community and even beyond who are doing way, way better because of Gona.

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Jonathan Levine 28:27 In fact, the typical Gona farmer produces two Bhutan Email List to three times the average smallholder maize yield in Nigeria, and many are far higher. Increasing productivity, though, is just the starting point in Babban Gona’s plan to move farmers out of subsistence-level poverty. Kola Masha 28:47 Step two is then enabling our members to grow their landholding, right. If you’re able to take a farmer that is farming one hectare today, and you double Bhutan Email List their income on that one hectare, now you’ve doubled their income. Great. Now if you take them from one hectare to farming three hectares, you’ve just increased their income six-fold. Jonathan Levine 29:08 He says most farmers add to their land holdings as soon as the second year, and Babban Bhutan Email List Gona farmers altogether now have 140,000 acres under cultivation. But Babban Gona doesn’t stop at increasing landholdings to create wealth.

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