After your computer restarts, the same blue screen with 9 options will open which you saw in the previous method. In this screen, you will see all three types of Safe Mode mentioned. Press 4 or 5 or 6 as per your need, and Windows 10 will boot in Safe Mode accordingly.

Depending on whether you’re using a desktop computer or laptop, there are different ways to add Bluetooth to your device. Once you complete the steps, you will know for sure if your computer has a Bluetooth adapter. So you can follow the above ways to turn Bluetooth on to connect all your Bluetooth devices to PC. And if there is any problem with your Bluetooth, you can also fix it by the above four solutions.

Responses to Windows 10 has a built-in free screen recorder that you might not know about

Just press the “Win + Print Screen” key combo. After that, your screen will dim for a moment, and you can then find the screenshot in the “Screenshots” folder under the “Pictures” library. In some cases, the screenshot may also be copied to the clipboard, so you can’t find the “Screenshots” folder in “Pictures” library.

  • If you ever suspect that a device isn’t working because of your drivers, return here to solve the issue again.
  • If you accidentally turned off your Bluetooth and don’t have a USB mouse standby, you can use your keyboard’s arrow keys to enable it.
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This feature of Windows 10 can be an extremely helpful time saver if you are recording a presentation or lecture of some sort. It also has the possibility to provide further convenience by allowing for more consistent access without having to attach another device just for audio. Add text, arrows and shapes to your screen recording or screenshot. ITop Screen Recorder supports the maximum 4K screen recording to fit your best-quality Windows recording need. However, if you receive an error that your device doesn’t meet the hardware requirement for recording clips, there is a workaround.

To return back to normal mode follow the same steps but this time uncheck the Safe boot option. Turn it off again while the drivers and hard drive boot. The Automatic Repair window will appear after three repetitions. Windows should be started in Safe Mode with Networking.

Safe Mode with Command Prompt

The System Configuration tool is one of the easiest ways to boot up safe mode. It is better known by its executable format name, msconfig.exe. This is how you can enable safe mode through the System Configuration tool on windows. When you boot up your computer in Windows 10, you will see the sign on the screen.

Session timed out

If it’s not connected, you’ll see the Bluetooth icon with the label “Not Connected”. If you click on it, the button turns blue indicating that Bluetooth is turned on . Reboot your PC – A last resort but sometimes golden option is to just restart your PC. Windows can be a bit temperamental at times and you would be surprised how often this can fix a whole plethora of issues. Updating drivers is always a good idea whether you’re facing issues or not. If none of the above methods have worked, updating your Bluetooth driver may be your best bet.

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