They offer a mix of functionalities for content management, analytics, personalization, and marketing automation, among other things. I myself have a lot of experience with the DXP Kentico Xperience. This DXP closely follows its users and can offer information at specific moments that contribute to pre-and onboarding. Think of marketing workflows in Greece Phone Number List in which the system sends an email to the new employee at fixed points in time, for example, x days before the first working day, containing useful information to prepare for the first working day.

Can Support to enrich the profile

But it can also show personalized information if the new employee logs into the digital work environment on the first working day. This can be a welcome message, but it can also contain an action such as going through e-learning training. An advantage of using such a DXP as an engine for the digital work environment. That standard modules are available that you can use to send automated e-mails. You can also easily display a form asking for specific information, for example the profile.

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A powerful toolbox for HR professionals As an HR professional, step into the feet of a marketer for a day. And think of the infinite possibilities that you get if you have a mature marketing platform. Within the digital work environment! With just a few clicks you can set up a complete onboarding flow and make. The life of the new employees a lot more attractive. By offering evaluations at various times, you can continuously learn from the experiences and make improvements.

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