Have you ever thought about everything Saudi Arabia Email List  Google does every time you type in a search? To display a list of results that answer your question is a long process — although it happens in milliseconds! Search engines basically work in three steps: How does Google search work? First, search engines crawl web content. Those who do this are robots or spiders — in Google’s case, called Googlebot . They follow the paths that the links point, looking for new pages and updates. Next, the crawled pages are indexed. Saudi Arabia Email List   That is, they go into the search engine’s index, which works like a large library of web content. There, pages are organized according to information collected in the crawl, such as page load times and key keywords. The crawling and indexing processes happen all the time. Robots are always at work to find and organize web content . But the order in which they are displayed in user searches is defined at the time of ranking.

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Ranking happens every time a user performs a search —Saudi Arabia Email List and that’s where SEO efforts are focused. According to the keyword it uses in the search, Google quickly digs through its index in search of pages that match those terms and answer your question. Saudi Arabia Email List  Ranking is then defined by the best keyword match, together with a series of ranking factors that make up the search algorithm. They serve to offer a better user experience and, consequently, improve the positioning of your pages in search engines. Later, we will unravel these factors. In the video below I explain a little better how Google’s algorithm works: Google Algorithm and its Updates The Google algorithm is a combination of operations that define the classification of the links on the results page of organic search. Saudi Arabia Email List  Its function is to rank the pages to deliver the results in order of relevance for each user . To do this, the algorithm adopts a series of criteria and is updated frequently to make the results increasingly relevant.

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With each update, Google aims not only to Saudi Arabia Email List  improve the ranking of results, but also to eliminate or downgrade malicious pages and low quality content, which harm the user experience. Thousands of updates happen every year, but some stand out and move the SEO market. These were the main Google algorithm updates in recent years: Google Algorithm Updates Panda (2011) : Saudi Arabia Email List  penalized pages with low quality content, which adopted practices such as excessive keywords and link farms; Penguin (2012) : penalized sites with low quality backlinks and started to value those that  Saudi Arabia Email List received contextual links and from sites with quality and authority; Hummingbird (2013) : improved the ranking of results by shifting the focus from exact keyword matching to understanding search intent; Saudi Arabia Email List  Mobilegeddon (2015) : mobile-friendly became a ranking factor; RankBrain (2015)

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