When dealing with global teams, it is necessary to pay attention Brazil Email List  to the details that, as mentioned in the last topic, differentiate them from others. Even if they are placed on the same management platform as other employees and are really integrated into the team Brazil Email List , professionals working remotely need special treatment. This has nothing to do with favoritism, but rather with adapting its management method to a scenario in which employees do not have as much contact with other members , with different departments and with corporate events. As you know, no matter how qualified and experienced the Brazil Email List  professional, the company’s culture, the management model and the quality of the work environment have a direct impact on their productivity . So, how to get around the situation and ensure complete and efficient management? To begin with, it is necessary to know the main factors that generate Brazil Email List   this heterogeneous scenario. We separate some of them below.


In any type of advertising action Brazil Email List  , timing is critical. This does not change when we are talking about Global Marketing , which must necessarily be part of the strategy of a company operating abroad. After all, as important as having quality solutions and professionals, it is essential to work on  Brazil Email List your business branding . So, we entered one of the first challenges of managing global teams: how to manage professionals who are in different time zones from yours? For this, it is necessary to effectively control work routines and adapt to allow enough time between delegation and completion of a task. So always coordinate your activities with the times when global contributors must be active. For this, it is important to have a solid agenda, always considering the Brazil Email List  difference between the zones. In more extreme cases, this time difference can represent opposite work shifts. In Asia for example, it is common to come across 12 hour time differences. In all situations, it is important to plan ahead and set aside time to conduct video conferences and align company goals and objectives.

organizational and local culture

When they are located in distant locations, employees may find it more Brazil Email List  difficult to identify and absorb the company’s culture. It turns out that this absorption is essential for the professional to carry out their tasks in accordance with the brand’s values, in addition to contributing to their performance. How to solve this? As difficult as it may be, it is important to maintain frequent Brazil Email List  contact with the teams, analyze their results and take the necessary actions to strengthen their identification with the company. It is also necessary to ensure that these employees have access to company content that reinforces the organizational culture . In addition, it is necessary to consider the cultural differences between the company’s country of origin and the one where the teams are located. Different regions Brazil Email List  of the world have different characteristics that, despite being more accessible thanks to globalization, still present a challenge for business expansion.

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