According to a report published Indonesia Phone Number List  by Cisco, the amount of video content consumed has increased by 17x since 2012, and the industry has seen rapid growth in the last 2 years in light of the pandemic. Source: Cisco Video marketing statistics As we mentioned above, video is the primary form of visual media used Indonesia Phone Number List by marketers, and there are many reasons for that. These statistics will help you to learn more about the benefits of video marketing and how you can utilize it in your wider marketing strategy. 10. 87% of online marketers use video as a tool for marketing Video is an extremely popular Indonesia Phone Number List medium for internet marketers and is only becoming more popular year on year. According to a Wyzowl report, 87% of all online marketers currently make use of video as a marketing tool.

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This may seem like a lot but with so many ways to share Indonesia Phone Number List video content online, and the huge ROI that it offers, it’s actually quite surprising that this figure isn’t higher. Source: Wyzowl 11. 63% of marketers use video content on social media One of the most popular places for marketers to share video content Indonesia Phone Number List is social media. According to an article published by Foap, 63% of marketers use video content in their social media strategy. What’s great about using videos in social media content is that there are so many different ways to utilize them. From live videos on Facebook to Indonesia Phone Number List super short viral videos on TikTok, the possibilities really are endless. 63% of marketers use video content on social media Source: Foap 12.

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