In channels such as email marketing Latvia Email Address and social networks , mix messages related to your business with others focused on information about the coronavirus. It is valid, for example, to disseminate educational content on common and important topics, such as how to properly wash your hands. In addition, to ensure that your persona understands that you are treating the matter with due importance, disclose the actions your company Latvia Email Address is taking during the pandemic. Also communicate any type of change in opening hours or restrictions on the services offered. When taking these actions, be careful not to give the impression that you are exploiting the situation to promote your business. Remember: your priorities are your customers’ concerns. Keep your channels up to date In addition to your social networks, it is essential that all channels used by your company Latvia Email Address to connect the public are kept up to date. As you know, one of the main allies of a local business is Google. After all, the application of good SEO practices put your company in evidence in the search engine .

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The habit of searching for services and products on Google is such that consumers tend to rate companies according to their presence on the platform. Then login to your Google Latvia Email Address  My Business account and update anything necessary to ensure a clear interaction with the persona . To make life easier for companies in these difficult times, the platform is allowing changes to Latvia Email Address  business names. You can use this functionality to indicate changes to your practices. If you are offering secure deliveries during this period, for example, you can add this information directly to the displayed name. Furthermore, it is essential to update your hours of operation if they are changed by local regulations. If your business needs to close for a period, this can also be communicated. As of March 25, Google has allowed Latvia Email Address companies to include the “temporarily closed” tag on their profiles .

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Make use of Covid-19 update posts Latvia Email Address As yet another measure of optimizing communication with the audience, Google recently added the option to post updates about its measures regarding Covid-19. Just go to your Google My Business dashboard and select “Latvia Email Address  Update”. Source: Moz In this type of post, try to include as much information as possible about the measures your business is taking to adapt to the crisis situation. Communicate about new services offered, new hours, and the best ways to contact your representatives during your social distancing time. If your business is closed, but you still want to receive customer contact, it might be a good idea to change the phone number. Pair it with a device you can answer even when you’re away from the store. Use your free time for learning It may sound cliché Latvia Email Address , but the downtime generated by the crisis can be an excellent opportunity for you to expand your knowledge and improve your marketing techniques. That way, when the whole pandemic problem has passed — and it will — you can strengthen your business and make up for lost time.

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