At the moment, what we can say is that Palestinian Territories Email List  is creating a global experiment on the home office and, probably, this type of work will be even more valued after this unfortunate episode. You may also be interested in this content! Home office: find out how to implement in the company and maintain productivity Palestinian Territories Email List  Be flexible and open to negotiations In a matter of weeks, the scenario of fear and uncertainty caused by the Coronavirus stopped being a distant international Palestinian Territories Email List  event and began to radically change the lives of millions of Brazilians. This means that no one was really prepared for a situation like this and, therefore, it is essential to deal with any possible cancellations, delays and breaches of contract that will occur as a result of the pandemic with due understanding. Some international airlines, for example, are allowing flights to be canceled or Palestinian Territories Email List  rescheduled without charging additional fees and charges. Support harmed collaborators, partners and customers.

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The pandemic has also raised questions about its Palestinian Territories Email List  implications for the large numbers of self-employed and informal workers who rely on shared economy platforms . In response, Uber , in addition to creating a hygiene and safety protocol for Palestinian Territories Email List  the care of passengers and food delivery, also stated that it will provide financial assistance for drivers and couriers diagnosed with covid-19. Fear about the impacts of the pandemic on the job market, however, affects all categories and, in this scenario, many companies are leading movements in favor of workers. Microsoft, for example, announced that it will continue to pay hours of service to its employees,  Palestinian Territories Email List even if they are unable to go to work. The recommendation in this topic, therefore, is the same as in the previous ones: do what you can. People need various types Palestinian Territories Email List of support in a situation like this, and the aim at the moment is to ensure that they are able to protect themselves from the illness and do well during periods of isolation.

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Keep your audience Palestinian Territories Email List  (internal and external) well-informed Your company needs to keep customers, partners, employees and other stakeholders informed. Amidst so much uncertainty, new resolutions are being brought forward every day and people need to know how this will affect their rights and responsibilities. Palestinian Territories Email List  Therefore, do not spare communication channels. Use social media , blogs, email , extraordinary pages, telephone and, if necessary, even the major media to keep everyone involved in the business abreast of events and decisions being made. Telefónica, for example Palestinian Territories Email List , used Twitter to report that one of its employees was diagnosed with covid-19. In addition, he explained that he is hospitalized, but that his health condition is stable. Although it is a clearly positive practice, communication at a time like this deserves reservations. Check out some Palestinian Territories Email List  guidelines below. Do not interfere with health notices If you are not an authority.

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