The thing that has made the direct-to-consumer side of Cayman Islands Email Addresses our business possible is the emergence of shipping apps that pool their customers together to create effectively a large business of shippers to get rates that companies like Amazon, and Walmart, and the big shippers—what they would pay on a per-pound basis. So that made that side of our business possible. Jonathan Levine 24:33 New technology also made it possible to monitor the roasting process remotely from anywhere in the world. Vega’s founders now do this from the US. Will Cayman Islands Email Addresses eLuca 24:41 They’re connected through Bluetooth. To be able to troubleshoot and fix is critical. And that’s another great piece of the technology stack that didn’t exist a few years ago and now does, and it makes a lot of things possible that weren’t. Jonathan Levine Cayman Islands Email Addresses 24:56 Technology also helps track exactly where every dollar is going.

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Will DeLuca 25:01 A game-changer for us is our ability to Cayman Islands Email Addresses demonstrate, directly with the data, just how much of an impact our customers are having, which is especially important for our larger partners like colleges and universities who have, you know, specific sustainability goals. Right now we’re working towards a real-time basis where for every pound of coffee they consume, they can know exactly how many dollars go directly back to origin, and even Cayman Islands Email Addresses qualitatively, what that impact looks like for the communities that they specifically sourced from. Jonathan Levine 25:38 All of this—from collapsing the supply chain to the technology that makes it all possible—now means growers are earning what they need to Cayman Islands Email Addresses thrive. And they’re hopeful about their future.

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It’s what Rob, Will, and Noushin have been working seven years Cayman Islands Email Addresses to achieve. And they’ve done it during a wildly turbulent time in Nicaragua. Over the last three years, the country has endured massive anti-government protests, and an economy in free-fall, with a loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs. COVID-19 has compounded the damage. Rob Terenzi 26:13 In that same time period, we have hired more people. We have purchased more coffee Cayman Islands Email Addresses consistently every year. And so to be against the trend of divesting from Nicaragua is something that’s very important to me. Because while these other factories are shutting down or laying people off or missing paychecks, we’re keeping people employed. Cayman Islands Email Addresses Jonathan Levine 26:39 In 2018, the company set up a second operation in Colombia, partnering with Mercy Corps, the global humanitarian and development organization.

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