lets you create a functioning multilingual store; You Niger Email List can optimize your store for multilingual SEO if that’s part of your marketing strategy. Once you choose your languages in the TranslatePress interface, you’ll be able to translate your store using the visual interface that you saw above. To help you save time, you also have the Niger Email List option to use automatic machine translation from Google Translate or DeepL. You’ll learn more about how it works in the step-by-step tutorial below. Try TranslatePress How to make WooCommerce multilingual with TranslatePress Now that you know what’s going on, let’s Niger Email List get into the step-by-step guide for how you can set up a multilingual WooCommerce store using the TranslatePress plugin. For this example, we set up a fresh WooCommerce store using the Kadence theme and now we’ll take you through every step needed Niger Email List to create a

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functioning store in multiple languages. You will be able to follow almost all of this tutorial using just the free version of TranslatePress at WordPress.org. However, we will note some specific Niger Email List features where you’ll need to have the premium version. While the premium version gives you a lot of different features, the two most relevant features for the average store are as follows: Unlimited languages – the free version of the plugin lets you translate your store into one Niger Email List new language, while the premium version supports unlimited languages. Multilingual SEO – the free version of the plugin lets you translate all of your human-visible content, but you’ll need the premium version to translate backend SEO details such as the SEO title, meta description, Niger Email List sitewide URL slugs, and so on. The premium version integrates with most popular SEO plugins so that you can easily

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