Did you know that Instagram is the second most used Singapore Phone Number List  social network by Brazilians? And against data there are no arguments, is there? According to Social Media Trends 2018 , this network has grown annually and is already fully present in our daily lives.  Singapore Phone Number List We spend a lot of time looking for beautiful photos, enjoying what people in our circle of friends post and, of course, following brands that we consider relevant. However, we follow and accompany mostly friends and relatives, leaving room only for brands that we already have some connection with and those that have an impeccable and aggregating profile. And that’s why it’s so important to invest in the quality Singapore Phone Number List  of what is posted on this social network. When a brand manages to understand what its audience expects from it and delivers relevant and attractive content on Instagram .

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it becomes a darling of the audience, in addition to being Singapore Phone Number List  a reference for any other company that ventures into this network. There are countless that have already managed to reach this level and are now favorite user accounts and monitored daily by thousands of people. Want to know which brands are doing an amazing job on Instagram these days? Let’s tell you right now:  Singapore Phone Number List  Hubspot Hubspot Instagram Followers: + 346 thousand The automation giant in Marketing is one of the companies that best understands how to reach its audience without losing its personality. With interactive content such as GIFs and videos, the brand manages to create relationships with its persona’s daily life. Humor is present in most posts, allowing the relationship with your audience to be light and close. Singapore Phone Number List  The company knows exactly the tone in which to communicate.

Singapore Phone Number List

In addition, the brand’s intelligent and constant use of stories is exceptional, promoting sweepstakes for personalized products and relevant content for the public. Singapore Phone Number List Mailchimp mailchimp Followers:  Singapore Phone Number List  thousand Let’s face it, only a brand with a lot of personality and humor would put their mascot to hold an emoji like this . And that is exactly the strength of Mailchimp’s profile. Throughout its feed, the company uses images of its mascot in humorous and fun situations. The most interesting thing about this use is the strength it brings to the mascot, being a great strategy to solidify the brand’s values ​​and what it represents, in the users’ consciousness.  Singapore Phone Number List  Herschel Herschel Instagram Followers: + 1 million Inserting the product in different situations is very common among brands on Instagram. However, it’s arguable that almost none do this as well as Herschel,

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