such as improving their performance in  the work environment. Liechtenstein Email List  Backstage In an attempt to further humanize your brand, showing what happens behind the scenes can also be a differentiator. According to the Livestream survey , nearly Liechtenstein Email List  of users would watch a live video Liechtenstein Email List  if it included behind-the-scenes content . How to ignore this demand? The consumer will also learn a little more about your company’s processes and routines. Who are responsible for making this brand so good? In many cases, the user may end up identifying with what is being shown behind the scenes and feel even more comfortable in entrusting their resources to your company. By seeing Liechtenstein Email List  how your business culture works, the user can find the content even more authentic . This type of video does away with the artificiality of your brand and brings it even closer to the consumer. Liechtenstein Email List Interview Another way to entice consumers to follow a live video of your company is through interviews.

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The formats can be the most varied, with an interviewee known  Liechtenstein Email List to your audience, or even someone who offers relevant content that makes sense for your brand. As it will not be something routine, this creates a difference for your content. In addition, Liechtenstein Email List  new users can get to know your brand from the interviewee’s name, for example. Imagine talking to someone who uses your products and has great relevance to the audience? New business opportunities can arise from this dynamic. 6. Product evaluation Part of the customer’s purchase Liechtenstein Email List  journey takes place online, allowing greater access to a particular product or service. Loosely similar to the tutorial format, the aim is to take a deeper look at the product, allowing the user to get more details about what they want to buy and thus make a final decision. Since it’s hard not to appear biased with a live Liechtenstein Email List  video about your own product, an alternative is to invite someone to take this review.

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This is the case of a relevant digital influencer within your Liechtenstein Email List  segment, for example. This is a way to gain authenticity and convince the consumer that the review was honest . Ad video Another way to arouse your audience’s interest and curiosity with the various live videos is to make an advertisement . Try to instigate people and invite them to watch the video where something Liechtenstein Email List  relevant will be revealed. It can be the launch of a product, the opening of a new point of sale, a change in the brand’s design, among a range of varied options. The most important thing is Liechtenstein Email List  to make the consumer feel part of your company. He will know certain news from the ad he was invited to. Using the different types of live video can increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. From the engagement provided by them, your audience will see your brand as a reference in your segment Liechtenstein Email List  . The options are the most varied to suit your goals, budget, and even your buyer persona preferences . When producing content, however, it is essential to ensure its quality. It’s not just the format that will attract the most interest, but also how the live video will run. Download our webinar checklist and discover how to use  Liechtenstein Email List videos in your marketing strategy

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