NPS, and Churn Rate Montenegro Email List to ensure your customer is achieving good results too. Module 5: Customer Success as a Source of Revenue In the fifth module, the course is dedicated to presenting the importance of Upsell and Cross-sell in making Customer Success a source of revenue, in addition to detailing the best Montenegro Email List  acquisition channels. Module 6: Building a Successful Team To ensure the proper execution of your strategy, it is necessary to have an efficient team, exactly what is presented in this module, talking about culture and the professional profile. Module  Montenegro Email List  Success Story In the last module, you will learn how the concept of Customer Success is applied here at Rock Content and the results we achieve through it. Montenegro Email List  Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Course For your Digital Marketing strategy to really work, conversions are essential, right? To help you improve your conversion rate, Marina Cordeiro , Marketing  Montenegro Email List Supervisor at Rock Content, will lead a 2-hour course on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

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Introduction to Optimization The first module  Montenegro Email List of the course will present the concept of optimization, what functions you need to perform in your daily life and the importance of forgetting certain vices. Module 2: Goal Setting Then it’s time to define your Montenegro Email List  goals, objectives and, of course, the metrics you’ll use to track the performance of your strategies. Module 3: Data Collection and Analysis In the third module, you will learn, in practice, how to carry out the collection of information and how to carry out qualitative and quantitative analysis of the collected data. Module 4: Formulating Hypotheses Afterwards, the focus changes to the creation of Hypotheses, the use of  Montenegro Email List Copywriting and how Psychology & Persuasion and Design & User Experience are fundamental for this work. Module  Montenegro Email List Modeling the Experiment In the fifth module, Montenegro Email List  it’s time to find out when to run the tests, what types you can apply, and what mistakes to avoid during this process.

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Module Montenegro Email List Technology: Bringing it to Practice Montenegro Email List  Then, technological tools that can be used to help your conversion Montenegro Email List  rate optimization work are presented, such as Google Analytics . Module 7: Conclusion In conclusion, optimization is presented as a process, making it easier to understand each step. In closing, the course also shows you how to create your own CRO team. Knowing how to adapt to the times and difficulties we face is an important step to be able to overcome these challenges in a healthier and more efficient way  Montenegro Email List. We believe that providing tools and resources so that more professionals can qualify and prepare for future obstacles is a way of making us useful in the face of this pandemic. Now that you know Montenegro Email List  exactly what will be covered in each of the five courses offered at Rock University, don’t waste time and sign up for free

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