Keyword Planner Keyword Planner is  the replacement tool for the old Keyword Tool. The two have the same function, which is keyword research. Despite being more keyword focused for paid media, Greenland Email List it can also be of great help in producing content relevant to your audience. Another very interesting function of this tool is the generation of keywords, that is: the Keyword Planner searches for the best terms that can be used by you when creating new content. To better understand how Google Keyword Greenland Email List  Planner works, click here . 15. Soovle A practical and free tool that automatically completes search suggestions for terms searched on different engines, such as  Youtube, Amazon, Yahoo!, Bing and Google itself. 16. Answer The Public Inspiration missing? Let this tool help you fix that idea that you Greenland Email List  are looking for, by listing the most recurrent questions related to your keyword of interest.

Developing and Utilizing B2B Email Lists

Keyword Revealer With this utility it is possible to create a kind of family tree of a keyword, generating several suggestions for new words that you may never have thought of using. Greenland Email List HitTail Also with the purpose of assisting in the search for the best keywords, HitTail can show you the keywords that can be of high relevance that generate the traffic that your website craves Greenland Email List . In addition, he also works with word suggestions quite creatively. 19. GeoRanker When interested in knowing what people from a particular region are looking for on the internet, it is necessary to have a mechanism that displays what exactly those people want. GeoRanker was made for this! Just choose your keywords and location, then the tool will return you a ranking with the most searched terms on Google Maps. Greenland Email List An alternative to Google’s Keyword Planner that instantly gives you the relevance of the terms you want to use.

Email List Building is Important For a Loyal Customer Base

Seed Keywords A great addition to Greenland Email List choosing your keywords based on authentic search engine results. That is, when we use Google’s Keyword Planner, for example, some terms that we extract from there may come from specific trends, that is, the relevance is no longer as great as at another time. Seed Keywords is designed  Greenland Email List to fill these gaps, providing results that people are looking for right now. Check My Links It is an extension for the Google Chrome browser that, in a very practical way, checks the selected page for broken and/or invalid links. It’s extremely useful for spotting defects in your content before your persona encounters them! 23. Link Miner Link Miner works like Check My Links, however, with a complement that Greenland Email List  we cannot forget to take into account: this powerful tool finds broken links and also informs you how many pages point to these links.

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