Want to start using this feature South Korea Email List First, you must understand if your company’s profile fits the basic requirements demanded by Instagram Shopping. For this, the following points must be met: the store must be in one of the 46 countries covered (Brazil is!); the store needs to sell material goods, not services; the store must comply with Instagram’s commercial policies ; the account must be business; the account must be connected  South Korea Email List to a Facebook page. If you meet all the requirements, follow the step by step below! Connect Instagram profile for Business to Facebook catalog Go to the brand’s Facebook page and click on the “Store” tab. Then follow the steps: click configure store; enter the store address; choose a currency for charging prices; enter the email used for the South Korea Email List  Facebook page; select rates related to your country and state; finish and start registering the products. Wait for Instagram account review Now that you’ve done the entire process on Facebook.

Steps For Successful Email List Building

Instagram will review the products you entered South Korea Email List  before enabling tagging of items in posts and stories, creating the store tab on your profile. At this point, just wait as the process can take days and you will be notified when you can start using the features. Start registering products If the review is positive, it’s time to register the products, and the process is very simple. South Korea Email List Choose the photo to post and follow the usual step. In the space to add tags for people and places, you will see the option to add the product tag as well . Select this option, then enter the name, price, and additional photos that the tool allows you to include on the product page. Your post will look like this: Instagram store In stories, the process is also similar to what we are used to. Just upload the photo and, in the options to South Korea Email List  insert gifs and stickers, you will find the option “Product”, with the symbol of the shopping bag.

How to Build an Email List and Actually Make Money From It

Just tap it and register the item with the main information South Korea Email List . How to be successful on Instagram Shopping? It’s not enough just to have the Instagram Shopping feature at your disposal; it is essential to know how to use it in the best way, South Korea Email List  maximizing the results. So, check out the tips we’ve separated and understand how they can help you engage and sell more! 1. Follow an aesthetic line in your posts Your posts need to follow a visual identity, which will also give the “face” of your brand to the Instagram store. So use the same angles, filters and camera type and create a pattern for these clicks. Thus, users more easily associate all these characteristics to the brand. South Korea Email List  Observe how Quem Disse Berenice’s feed uses the same color palette and still manages to explore different types of content: Sample attractive feed on Instagram

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