good indication. The takeaway Equatorial Guinea Email List for marketers and businesses here is that Facebook Messenger might be a better channel to focus on if your target customers are mostly male. Source: Datareportal 11. 23.9% of Facebook Messenger users in the US are aged 25-34 You’d be forgiven for thinking that Facebook Messenger Equatorial Guinea Email List would be most popular amongst older age groups. After all, Facebook has garnered a reputation for being somewhat of a ‘boomer’ social platform that’s fallen out of favor amongst younger users. However, the data paints a different story and Equatorial Guinea Email List suggests that the idea that Facebook Messenger caters mostly to older users may be a myth. On the contrary, Facebook Messenger’s largest user demographic by age is 25-34-year-olds. Almost a quarter of

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Facebook Messenger users are in this age range, which Equatorial Guinea Email List means the messaging app is technically more popular amongst millennials than boomers. Source: Statista5 12. Facebook Messenger Kids has more than 7 million monthly active users Facebook Messenger Kids were launched in 2017 in response Equatorial Guinea Email List to the huge demand for parents to have an app that was safe for their kids to interact and communicate with. The app allows parents full oversight on what their children are doing on the app, which provides an extra level of safety and security for both parents and children. As kids Equatorial Guinea Email List under 13 are technically not allowed to use Facebook and other social media platforms, this app has become quite popular with preteens that want to stay in touch with their friends.

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