But some say it is unnecessary to inform the name Mauritania Email List of the author of the content for SEO purposes; Revisit request meta tag — this is a command to have robots return to the page after a specified period of time, but it is also not used in terms of SEO by the Mauritania Email List  algorithms . Google itself guides the use of the XML sitemap to specify the last-modified date and how often URLs on sites change; Rating meta tag — This tag is used to specify the maturity rating of the content to search engines . It can be useful for texts, however, to mark visual content Mauritania Email List as adult, just place it in a separate directory and alert the algorithm to that; date and expiration date meta tag — as the name suggests, they mark the date of publication of the content and its expiration date. These tags are also expendable. The association of a content to its creation, Mauritania Email List  publication and update date can be done more effectively in sitemaps .

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The Copyright meta tag is redundant information that may also be waived Mauritania Email List; Summary meta tag — The meta tag indicates which part of a page is the content summary. It is mainly used for the publication of academic papers ; Distribution meta tag — Mauritania Email List  This tag was used to control access to content. However, with the possibility of including password access control features, if the page is opened it will be implied that anyone can access it; generator program meta tag — is used to inform which program based the creation of the page and is also currently discarded information ; cache control meta tag — controls how often a page is cached in the browser; meta tag for resource type Mauritania Email List  — tag used to name the resource type of the page as “document”, Mauritania Email List  which can be done through the DTD declaration . What tools are used to create meta tags.

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There are tools that help in the construction of meta tags for page optimization. Mauritania Email List  While it’s best to do this manually, these programs can help you get ideas: Mauritania Email List CIA websites; Website Optimization; Mauritania Email List  4devs . Just enter some information and click the create button to generate a meta tag structure that can be included in the appropriate HTML editor or plugin for SEO Mauritania Email List . What tools are used to verify that meta tags are optimized? Below are some useful tools you can use to test your meta tags: Mauritania Email List  SEMrush — tool analyzes site suitability by listing issues that can be resolved to boost SEO results, such as duplicate or missing meta tags; SEMrush On-Page SEO Checker — the solution identifies the presence of keywords in relevant pieces of content and offers a listing of optimization tips for each page on the site; Portent — Mauritania Email List  This tool generates SERP views and allows the user to enter meta tags, title, and a URL to test the display in the search result for characteristics of size,

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