01 SEMrush content analyzer You Botswana Email List can customize data sets. For example, articles that have a bounce rate or backlinks between a certain range. SEMrush will then display your content alongside data from your Google Analytics account. This makes it easy to see which content has flatlined. 02 Display with Google Botswana Email List Analytics Like any tool, it’s not 100% perfect and you’d still need to check articles for anything that’s broken, and make changes to your content. But, it’s a huge time saver. Take their free trial for a spin and see what you think. 5. Create your first digital product Selling Botswana Email List digital products is one of the best ways to make money as a blogger. Unlike selling physical products, you don’t have to shell out cash buying inventory and

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delivery is handled digitally. Your digital Botswana Email List product can be as simple or as complex as you’d like it to be. You could: Bundle blog posts together – The quickest option but they have the lowest perceived value. Still, they’d be well suited for Amazon Kindle. Write an ebook from scratch – Ebooks can be time consuming to create, Botswana Email List but some bloggers do extremely well from book sales. Sell them via your website and/or platforms like Amazon Kindle. Create a course – There’s more of a learning curve in the selling of a course but they offer extremely high perceived value. In some cases, they Botswana Email List can be faster to create than ebooks but upfront costs are higher due to purchasing video gear. Bundle products into a membership offering – Sell your products

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(courses/ebooks) as part of a membership site with Botswana Email List a monthly fee. This offers the highest perceived value and a recurring income, but you’d need to deliver new content each month. You could do one of these or all of them (eventually) – the important part is considering how all of your products fit together. One option is to Botswana Email List create smaller products first to build up a library of content, then leverage that library of content to build a membership website. You will need a tool to handle the selling and delivery of your products. Podia is a popular option because it allows you to sell courses, digita Botswana Email List downloads and memberships. They do not take transaction fees like some other platforms. 03 Podia product platform They also offer live chat, digital storefronts

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