popup forms, and you’ll even receive Morocco Email List updates every time your form is viewed or an email is captured. Overall, Getsitecontrol is a focused but useful tool that is perfect for creating visually interesting and optimized popup forms for lead generation. Pricing: Plans start from $7/month for 20,000 monthly widgets Try Getsitecontro Morocco Email List l Free #6 – Convert Pro If you’re keen to get your forms up and running quickly, Convert Pro may be the email capture tool for you. Convert Pro Homepage Not everyone wants to spend hours A/B testing and optimizing forms, which is why it’s a good idea to choose a tool thMorocco Email List at gives you access to hundreds of tried and tested templates, and Convert Pro does exactly that. As well as its extensive library of pre-designed templates, Convert Pro also offers a drag and drop editor to create new forms quickly. One of the standout features oMorocco Email List f ConvertPro is

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that it allows users to create mobile-specific form Morocco Email List s to capture email addresses. This can be a huge plus if most of your traffic comes from mobile devices. With Convert Pro, you can ensure that all of your forms are perfectly designed to be viewed and completed on screens as small as smartphones. Some form typeMorocco Email List s available on Convert Pro include: Pop ups Slide-ins Embedded forms Widgets Full-Screen pop ups And more You can also use Convert Pro advanced triggers to deploy your forms at opportune moments such as when visitors arrive on your site, when they scroll, or when they are showing signs of leaving the site. In addition, you can target visitors with certain forms based on information like which site they arrived from, Morocco Email List what device they are using, and more. Another great feature of Convert Pro is that it integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics,

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