That’s why, in the planning stage, we define every step of the company’s Uzbekistan Email List  Content Marketing strategy, starting with the persona. Goal Setting and KPIs A clear objective helps your team understand what metrics to track and what actions to take to improve Uzbekistan Email List results. Every strategy must pursue a goal that brings real benefits to the business! I listed above some of the benefits of Content Marketing for your company Uzbekistan Email List  that can be used as goals: Generate brand awareness; Increase brand engagement; Educate the market; Generate sales; Decrease the cost per sale; Increase lifetime-value. These examples cover a good part of the cases we see in everyday life. Then assess what results you need to achieve in your current business and what goal will help you get there faster. Defined objective, the next step Uzbekistan Email List in planning your Content Marketing strategy is to define your KPIs, the key performance indicators .

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It is essential that this definition is done well Uzbekistan Email List  because there are two types of people who do not know if their campaigns are performing well: those who do not track enough metrics and those who look at too many metrics. And the two generate the same type of problem! In the first case, if you are not measuring any results, you are walking blindly, not knowing whether Uzbekistan Email List  the path you are taking is the correct one. In the second case, keeping track of any and all metrics available is to have a huge amount of data but no relevant information. The concept of KPIs are the most important metrics to determine the success of your strategy. Some characteristics of a good KPI are: Uzbekistan Email List  Be important: when choosing the metrics that will be used Uzbekistan Email List  as KPIs, it is crucial that they have an impact on achieving the objective.

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Choosing a “vanity” metric or just because Uzbekistan Email List  it performs better is dangerous; Be Simple to Understand: A KPI cannot be an extremely complicated index. It should be easy to understand so that it can be clearly shared with the entire team; Be easily measurable: Uzbekistan Email List  in order to be put into context and associated with an objective, it needs to be measured in a simple way. An email subscribers KPI, for example, is easily measured and tied to a target of 10% monthly growth; Being able to lead to positive action: this is the most important point. If analyzing your Uzbekistan Email List  KPIs doesn’t lead to actions to improve the company’s position in relation to its objectives, you have chosen the wrong KPIs. Defining KPIs is the next step after choosing goals because they Uzbekistan Email List  are directly related. Next, we’ll show you a goal and what KPIs you can look at to track success.

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