And there are plenty of different products Venezuela Email List  you could sell: Ebooks Podcasts Webinars Templates Checklists Bundles of products Subscriptions Whichever products you decide to sell, just be sure to choose those that align with your business goals, and needs of your audience. Now, you will need some sort of ecommerce Venezuela Email List platform so you can accept payments and deliver the products to your customers. Depending on what you’re selling, you could go down the route of using a marketplace. You will have to share your profits but can sometimes leverage a built-in audience & established Venezuela Email List trust of the platform. Amazon Kindle is a good option for ebooks. And Etsy is a good option for anything creative. In fact, plenty of bloggers are using Etsy to sell things like planners,

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ebook templates, lead magnet templates, and all sorts Venezuela Email List of things. Outside of marketplaces, you could go for a platform like Sellfy which would allow you to sell quite a few different types of products. Both digital and physical products. Add a new product to Sellfy Podia is good option, particularly if you’d like to sell courses. It comes Venezuela Email List with a learning management system for courses. You can sell subscriptions, webinars, and other things. It also handles customer messaging, affiliate tracking, and more. 4. Advertising Advertising is probably the most popular way to monetize a blog. You can sign Venezuela Email List up for an advertising network and some code to your site – that’s it. However, when it comes to actually earning money, it is definitely a slow burn unless you have an existing site with traffic.

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