vault of 20+ guides, checklists Lithuania Phone Number List , and Do you want to use the Gutenberg block editor (also called the WordPress editor) but aren’t quite sure of how to add or use blocks? In this post, you will learn how to use the new WordPress editor as well as how to extend its capabilities. Ready? Let’s get started: Table Lithuania Phone Number List of contents How to use the Gutenberg block editor You’ll use the block editor when you create posts and pages in WordPress. It’s an intuitive tool that enables you to add content to your website without having to write HTML yourself, though you can switch between the Lithuania Phone Number List visual (block) and code (HTML) editors freely. Pages and posts are called “post types” in WordPress. The block editor is more or less the same for each with a few differences here

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and there depending on the post type. We’re going to stick with posts, a post type you can create by hovering over Posts in the admin menu on the left side of the dashboard and selecting Add New. Lithuania Phone Number List We’ll also be using the Kadence WordPress theme, so our editor may have a few different settings than yours and our post may look a little different on the frontend. We also have the SEOPress SEO plugin installed, so you’ll see a few SEO-related panels in Lithuania Phone Number List our screenshots. The block editor greets you with a welcome tour when you open it for the first time (and when you clear your browser’s cache, unfortunately). Feel free to take a second to browse through it. wordpress block editor welcome message Start by inserting a title into the field

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