The meta description tags are the famous Mali Email List summaries that appear after the blue links when you search for some information in the search engines. Thus, they need to be objective, clear, contain the keyword (preferably at the beginning) and also make it easier to find the most Mali Email List  relevant information for the user. John Mueller, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, explains how Google uses description meta tags: “For the descriptions we’ve shown, we’ve tried to focus on the meta description you provide on your pages, but if we need more information or more context Mali Email List  based on the user’s query, we might be able to grab some parts of the page as well.” In terms of SEO, the description meta tag is not used for ranking on SERPs: “Essentially, from a Mali Email List  purely technical point of view, these descriptions are not a classification for anything. ” However, Google uses meta description text to create search snippets .

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So, if you don’t add an interesting meta description for the user Mali Email List  — note how the strategy should never be geared only to algorithms Mali Email List  — it won’t do any good to appear in the top positions. If the user finds that your content won’t be able to fix the problem or point to an easier solution for his search, all his SEO efforts will go down the drain. Also according to John Mueller, meta descriptions “can affect how users see your site in search results and whether Mali Email List  or not they actually click to access it.” To do this, the description meta tag pattern must meet the optimal length limits , which typically hover around 140 characters Mali Email List . It is also worth noting that the meta description must be original: never duplicate or copy the description of a content. To manually insert a meta description into your webpage’s Mali Email List , simply add the following code to the content.

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Meta keywords Keyword  Mali Email List meta tags have been widely used for some years with the aim of helping search engines to interpret the relevance of content published on the web, as their algorithms had difficulty performing this analysis efficiently. However, webmasters realized that it was possible to achieve good rankings by including Mali Email List  hundreds of keywords hidden in their websites’ HTML code, regardless of whether they had any logical relation to the essence of the content. As a result, this practice came to be frowned Mali Email List  upon by algorithms and meta keywords were no longer considered by search engines, as they directed users to pages that were not related to the object of the search. Today, meta keywords are very useful to discover the keywords that the main competitors used to optimize their respective websites. Mali Email List  title tag Of all types of meta tags, the title tag (also known as SEO title) is essential to your SEO strategy.

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