option also allows you to upload Namibia Phone Number List multiple images at once but still choose to only assign one to this particular block. Insert from URL – Add a URL that contains your image, then choose which image to insert into your post. This option is ill-advised for many reasons. First, the image may get removed from the URL you insert, which will cause it to break on your site. Second, you may wind up committing copyright infringement if the image you insert is not attribution Namibia Phone Number List free. Finally, it’s best if you create your own original images so your blog comes off as more professional. When you have an image selected, a floating toolbar will appear just as it did for the Paragraph and Heading blocks. It allows you to change th e Namibia Phone Number List image’s alignment to left, right or center, add a link to the image, add text over it, and even crop it. You can even add a caption to it underneath the image.

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For settings, you can add a style to your image and Namibia Phone Number List alternative text. Use a short yet descriptive title as your alt text that represents what the image is. This is for SEO purposes. You should also choose “Full Size” as an image size in most cases. WordPress will shrink your image down to your blog’s content width Namibia Phone Number List automatically. Be sure to check out our guide on optimizing images for the web for more help in this area. Other blocks and third-party blocks Like we said, WordPress has a whole library filled with dozens of content blocks arranged in different sections. When you go to add a new block, click the Browse All button to view them all. Here are a few common ones you may find yourself using: List Quote Pullquote Namibia Phone Number List Table Gallery Cover Media & Text Video Buttons Columns Social Icons Social Media Embeds FAQ If you want access to more blocks, use a third-party block plugin. This gives you access to more content blocks, some of which are improvements on WordPress’ default blocks. Ultimate Blocks is one

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