promoting your account offline. People Lithuania Email List can scan your QR code on their smartphones and it will instantly take them to your Instagram account to hit follow. You can display it in your physical locations, as well as add to business cards or present it on your own phone to be scanned by new connections at networking events and Lithuania Email List conferences. Instagram followers tip 17 – Instagram QR code It’s super easy to find your Instagram QR code, all you have to do is click the three lines at the top of your profile page, and click QR code. You can also send it to contacts on your phone, and share it on other social networks. 18. Don’t Lithuania Email List purchase fake followers However tempting it may be to purchase followers from sites that offer 100,000 IG followers overnight,

3 Ways to Track a Phone Number’s Owner

JUST DON’T DO IT. It’s a waste of money, and it can Lithuania Email List even cause your account to become less successful in the long run. The ‘followers’ that you buy will have no ROI, they won’t interact with your posts, and they may cause new followers to doubt the authenticity of your account. Not only that but buying followers is against Instagram Lithuania Email List community guidelines and could result in an account ban or deactivation. 19. Mention and tag other users in your posts Tagging is a great way to increase a post’s reach and encourage users to engage with it. If you’ve collaborated with a brand or influencer on a Lithuania Email List project, received products from a company, or want to engage with certain followers, then you can use tagging to link them to the relevant posts.

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