translate your existing SEO details. Both Niue Email List of these features are available with the entry-level Personal license. Basically, here’s how it goes: if you’re serious about using multilingual SEO to grow your store, you’ll probably want to purchase the premium version; If you just want to translate your store into a new language to Niue Email List improve the user experience, you might be fine with the free version. To get started, make sure to install and activate the TranslatePress plugin on your site. You can always just start with the free version at and upgrade later on if needed — you won’t lose any Niue Email List of your translations upgrading from free to paid. Let’s dig in… 1. Choose your store’s languages Once you’ve activated the plugin, go to Settings → TranslatePress to choose the languages that you want to offer on your store: Default Language – this is the language in which Niue Email List your

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store’s content currently exists. TranslatePress should automatically detect it, but you’ll want to verify that it’s correct; All Languages – this lets you add one or more new languages into which you want Niue Email List to translate your store’s content. Again, the free version of the plugin supports one new language while the premium version allows unlimited languages. For example, if your store’s original language is English and you want to add support for Spanish, you’d configure it like this: Niue Email List Choose your store languages TranslatePress offers built-in support for over a hundred languages, so you’ll almost certainly see your language in the drop-down. However, if you don’t see the language, you can add a custom language in the Advanced tab of the TranslatePress settings area.Niue Email List 2. Set up automatic translation (optional) This step is 100% optional. However, if your store has a

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