It must be built on real customer data, Serbia Consumer Email List  through surveys, questionnaires and interviews. This persona construction must consider the steps of the sales funnel , which generate different demands for people. They are evident in the types of keywords that are used in searches: they tend to be more comprehensive at the beginning and become more specific towards the end. Later you will understand better about keywords. Getting Serbia Consumer Email List  Started and Basic SEO Tools To start an SEO strategy, it is necessary to have at least the basic tools. They help to make a diagnosis of the current situation, base the planning, make the first optimizations and begin to monitor the impacts of each action. We are mainly talking about two essential Serbia Consumer Email List  tools for SEO: Google Analytics and Google Search Console. They are provided free of charge by Google and will always accompany your strategies. Let’s get to know them better: Google Analytics Google Analytics is a widely used data analysis tool that offers a multitude of features for evaluating the performance of digital strategies.

Let’s get to know them better

In SEO, it can help in different ways: Get to know Serbia Consumer Email List your audience better to build the persona; Identify which pages are the most visited and with the best performance; Monitor organic traffic numbers; Identify the channels that generate the most traffic (Serbia Consumer Email List , social, organic, etc.); Understand engagement (bounce rate, pages per visit, session duration); Monitor the conversions generated by the SEO strategy. Google Analytics dashboard These are just a few analytics you can do with Google Analytics that can help you from planning to monitoring your SEO. But you’ll find plenty of other data in the tool to help your strategy. Google Search Console The Google Search Serbia Consumer Email List  Console is a tool that facilitates communication between the site and Google and provides valuable reports for SEO.

How Serbia Consumer Email List  to do keyword research

Here are some features it offers: Serbia Consumer Email List  Know if there are any indexing problems on the site; Know if the site was hacked or penalized by Google; Monitor the average position of your pages on SERP; Identify the click through rate ( organic CTR ) of your pages on SERP; Identify which keywords activated your site on SERP; Identify which sites direct backlinks to yours; Ask Google to reject dubious backlinks to your site. Google Search Console is a little more technical, so it’s aimed at webmasters Serbia Consumer Email List . But the interface is very user-friendly, so anyone can use it to make diagnoses and direct more complex demands to specialized professionals. The tool can also generate various insights for content optimizations, in addition to being the main source to identify the queries that drive traffic to your pages and the click-through rate of your top keywords. Google Search Console dashboard How to do keyword research?  Keyword research seeks to identify the search terms that have the greatest potential for the strategy, based on search volume, conversions, and competitiveness.

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