plan the topics Defining subjects in advance is critical. As the saying goes, this prevents the live session from straying from topics, ending up in clutter and making interaction difficult UAE Email List. The best thing is for the hosts to master the matter. So, the team must be selected appropriately. Planning the issues must also make sense for the company. For example, if you want to discover customer preferences, you can develop a question-and-answer session for that purpose. UAE Email List Another good opportunity to get in live is when promoting a new product or service. In this way, with a prepared team, customers can clarify doubts, qualify and advance through the Digital Marketing funnel. Prepare a list of possible questions Once you’ve decided on the topic, it’s time to think UAE Email List  about the questions that will be asked. For that, make a list of possible doubts and curiosities of the public.

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This way, the hosts of the question and answer UAE Email List session eliminate the risk of being caught by surprise and not knowing an answer. For this, it is enough to study the correct answers, generating knowledge and satisfying the participants. Promote the question and answer session appropriately A successful live Q&A session is one where there are a good number of participants interacting. So, it is necessary to carry out a broad and intense UAE Email List  promotion, focusing on the company’s channels. You can email customers on your list and promote the event on your company’s social media channels. Ideally, this should be done in advance to generate expectations and allow interested parties to register for the session. Remember to provide UAE Email List  details such as the time, day and channel in which the question and answer session will take place, as well as the subject. Choose the broadcast platform Finally, choose which platform the broadcast will take place on.

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It is important to consider some essential points, such as: channels UAE Email List  that are available to the majority of the audience; channels where your audience is; channels that offer the best technical infrastructure; channels that allow chats, as they can be used to post questions. After considering all these points, it is essential to test . Remember to run them in private mode, just to make sure everything works fine. UAE Email List What platforms can be used for a question and answer session? The right platform is essential for the live question and answer session to work properly. There are a few options available that can bring good results. Below, check out the main ones! Facebook Live The official Facebook platform UAE Email List  is one of the most popular, and streams the live Q&A session directly from your business’s Facebook page, of course. It’s one of the easiest to use and has a comments section where you can see the questions.

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