Note: Want our latest content Tuvalu Email List delivered to your inbox? Click here to subscribe to the free Blogging Wizard newsletter. Table of contents The three most significant forms of content Three most significant forms of content – YouTube image Source: Pexels Written content has existed for multiple millenia. When the video camera Tuvalu Email List and radio were invented around the turn of the 19th century into the 20th, video and audio quickly became significant players as well. Furthermore, plays, musical concerts, religious sermons and speaking conferences have captivated audiences for millenia, long before the days of Tuvalu Email List newspaper, radio shows and television programs. In the digital era, newspapers and magazines are now media sites and blogs. Radio shows are podcasts,

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and while TV and movies still dominate the video industry, there are Tuvalu Email List now platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok small creators can publish to. No matter what century it is, make no mistake about what the most significant forms of content are and which ones you should invest in: written, audio and video. As Tuvalu Email List such, blog posts, podcasts and videos published to common social media sites have become the most effective forms of content marketing, and the ones most capable of helping you achieve your goals. Even so, there are wrong ways to approach these forms of content, and that’s what we Tuvalu Email List want to address in this post. How not to approach multi-platform content marketing Many brands approach multi-platform content marketing

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