To ensure you’re on top of the latest updates, seek out trusted channels and beware Laos Email List  of misinformation spread on social media . The best practice is to check what health authorities say, such as the WHO, which launched a channel on Whatsapp to clarify doubts about the pandemic. Laos Email List  To access it, just send any message to By doing this, you will get back a list of obtainable information, as shown in the image below. WHO whatsapp It is also important to pay attention to the recommendations given by local governments. Look for institutional initiatives, such as the one launched by the Government of São Paulo, which, from the number, provides updates via Whatsapp and Telegram. Appreciate the health of your customers and employees With restrictions or not, some local businesses are still allowed to Laos Email List  operate, even under special conditions. If this is the case for your company, don’t let the release loosen security and prevention measures within your establishment. As the business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure the well-being of employees in the workplace.

Strengthen the sense of community

In all possible cases, encourage the practice of home office , which can be easily adopted by professionals working with marketing , social media management and related areas. Laos Email List  For those who cannot work outside the establishment, ensure you have the necessary equipment to maximize protection against the virus. Provide, for example, bottles of alcohol gel and, if possible, allow your customers to have access to them. Masks and gloves are also important items for prevention. In addition to providing the materials, Laos Email List it is essential to instruct people on how to use them . A good practice is to distribute booklets like this one, produced by the Municipality of Curitiba, among your employees: guidebook with recommendations on how to use the mask against the coronavirus Also be aware of the behavior of those involved in your business and encourage conversations about the pandemic. In addition to being crucial to Laos Email List  maintaining mental health, it can help identify symptoms related to the illness.

Evaluate the possibility of selling over the internet

If that happens, immediately recommend social Laos Email List  distancing. Finally, if you employ anyone who fits into the coronavirus risk groups, do your best to prevent them from coming into contact with other individuals. Don’t spare communication Laos Email List efforts If you follow our blog, you know that we always alert to the need for the brand to exercise its social role, behaving like a true member of the community. When we talk about this, we mention the concept of Marketing 4.0 , which indicates this behavior as ideal for generating good relationships with the public. Right now, however, practicing this kind of responsibility goes far beyond marketing concepts. As a local business, you have enough reach to influence citizens and raise awareness among a part of the population. Because of this, intensify your Laos Email List  communication efforts with the public.

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