This is the most complex part. You Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List need to analyze each post individually because the devil is in the details. Common factors to consider include; permalink changes, badly written headlines, outdated content, poorly formatted content broken buttons/forms/affiliate links, etc. Fix your Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List underperforming content – By this point you should have an understanding of what’s wrong, now work through and fix up your content starting with the most important articles. This could be articles with the largest traffic drops or your priority revenue Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List generating content. Regardless of what your content goals are (leads/subscribers/revenue), the biggest reason content isn’t performing is because it’s not getting enough traffic. Social media traffic is somewhat

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fleeting and it’s natural for traffic to spike Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List and then flatline – that isn’t a solvable problem. You’ll want to focus on search engine traffic with your content audit. Now, Google has been pushing out a lot of algorithm updates lately but don’t fall into the trap of looking at your analytics as a whole and making Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List assumptions. Google’s job is to serve the best result for a given query. Sure, it doesn’t get it right all of the time but you have to look at each article individually. And, it may not be the case that you have been ranked down, your competitors may have improved Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List their rankings. So, the best thing you can do is to audit your content and improve anything that can be improved. Consider everything from content formatting to optimizing for searcher intent.

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Sometimes seemingly minor tweaks can Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List help. For example, Google usually indexes new Blogging Wizard articles in 30 minutes. One article didn’t get picked up at all, even months after publication. I tweaked some sub-headings to make them more descriptive, bumped it to the front page, and Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List tweeted it. Within a week the post was indexed and ranking on the 1st page for multiple keywords. Strange, right? Ultimately, the content audit process is fairly long winded but there are tools that can help. For example, SEMrush, has a content analyzer feature Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List that crawls your website, analyzes your content and traffic data (via Google Analytics/Google Search Console) and highlights which articles need rewrites, updates, or checking, etc.

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