It is not uncommon for the godmother to be  Egypt Email List asked to take the nephew to the dentist or the children to spend the weekend at their grandparents’ house so that the parents can travel for work or go out to have fun. However, this support network is temporarily unavailable . Ensure family safety Remote work lessens the need for parents to get out of the house, but it doesn’t completely eliminate it.  Egypt Email List You still have to go shopping, work out bureaucratic issues, and sometimes support other loved ones. Leaving home, which was such a simple action, became a point of attention for parents . Whom to leave the kids with? Is only the mask enough or is it also advisable to put on gloves when going to the supermarket Egypt Email List  Maintain good productivity Many women in the marketing field were already working remotely, which worked satisfactorily since everything else in their lives was in full swing. However, with the imposition of social isolation, new work routines, emotions and fears caused by insecurity, the performance of many professionals was affected.

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So, in addition to increasing chores Egypt Email List  with household obligations, keeping supplies up to date, managing school and work activities, many mothers can also have their productivity affected by concern for the health of loved ones, friends and, of course, with the accounts payable . You may also be interested in these other content! Managers should strive to support working mothers Egypt Email List  from home 5 remote working tools to stay productive Tips for work by those who are experts in the field Not having an explanation for the inexplicable As isolation progresses, children begin to question what is going on, why they cannot leave the house to play with friends and family. Some of them cannot understand this situation, suffer and even prank. For mothers, who are always bearers of lessons and the famous lap that alleviates all pain Egypt Email List , it is difficult to deal with their children’s emotions without an explanation or solution . This is because they are also emotionally involved for all their insecurities about the economy, work and health of loved ones, but also because they don’t like to see their children sad.

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But if there are big challenges in this story Egypt Email List , we know that mothers are always determined to overcome adversity. Good practices for managing career, home and motherhood The challenges are easily mapped, but for each one of them, there is a good practice or infallible mother’s recipe, not least because women in the labor market know how to be resilient. And, although it is not simple Egypt Email List  to deal with these situations and maintain emotional balance, social isolation has taught that many times the solution can be as simple as staying at home . Create a space for your remote work One of the ways to be able to concentrate on work is to have a reserved space to create a home office. Ideally Egypt Email List , it should be in an environment that can be isolated from the rest of the house, such as a room that can be closed off during a live with a project manager.

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