If you want a simpler platform and don’t need Peru Email List a lot of features, Trello can be a good solution. The important thing is to ensure that 2. Creation Create an agenda for each content that will be produced. Indicate which topics should be covered and indicate references Peru Email List  that can be searched for in the production phase. Be specific about what should be included in the content, thinking about questions such as: What is the purpose of this content? Where will it be published? It will be directed to which of our personas? How will he help her. When should the content be ready? By making all these details clear, it is possible to reduce requests for adjustments to keep production on schedule. Peru Email List  Review Define who needs to provide input on the content.

First, the material will go through Peru Email List  a proofreader, who will be responsible for correcting grammatical and spelling errors, in addition to taking care of the fluidity of the text and verifying that the SEO criteria were met. But after that, someone responsible Peru Email List  for final approval must check that the content is ready to be published . In addition to not containing conceptual errors, the text must reflect the language and tone of voice adopted by the company. Remember to set deadlines for this step. Also arrange for reviewers to provide feedback on the content. After all, this Peru Email List  contributes a lot to the development of the writers, so that they are increasingly aligned with the strategy.

Publication Once ready, the content can be published Peru Email List . But depending on your strategy, “publication” might mean different things: immediate blog posting; publication schedule for a specific date; blog posting and newsletter sending. For the publication to take place on time, all people involved in the process must have a deadline for the delivery of the service. Also, it’s good to keep in mind that someone may need extra time, so it’s important to have some spare time on the schedule. 5. Promotion To promote Peru Email List  the content , you need to do it where the persona is . Does she like Facebook? Or do you prefer Instagram? Or would LinkedIn be the best choice? It is also good to think about the days and times that can have a better effect for this disclosure. It’s even good to remember the consistency. People get used to finding content from the brands they follow, and they start to wait for it. Here we can highlight the importance Peru Email List  of the editorial calendar , which helps to maintain the ideal frequency in publications and contributes to the satisfaction of followers

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