If you don’t already have it installed, download it for free via the App Store on iPhones or  Macau Email List Google Play on Androids. With the app open, click on the icon in camera format Macau Email List. On the next screen, select “stream live”. After the click, the app will ask for some information about the transmission. This is where you set the video title and privacy type. It is also possible to use your device’s GPS to inform your exact location at the time of the live. Both in your  Macau Email List social networks and in your discussion tab, it is important that you Macau Email List  remind and encourage the audience to activate an alert notifying them of the broadcast announcement. How to exploit broadcast resources. After setting the title and privacy preferences, select “more options.”  Macau Email List There, you can add a description for the live. It is interesting to use short and informative text in order to attract your followers to the video. Also, be sure to use hashtags pertinent to your persona .

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In the next step, click on advanced settings. Macau Email List  The page that will open will allow you to choose whether the live will feature a live chat or not. In most cases, allowing viewers to post messages while streaming is a great way to generate engagement Macau Email List . In addition, it is on this page that you must indicate whether the video will be age-restricted or if it is sponsored by a partner. With the adjustments made, proceed to the next step. Once this is done, the application will launch a three-second countdown to then capture the image that will be used as the cover of the broadcast.  Macau Email List So, just click share and spread the news about live on your social networks . When everything is ready, just click on “stream live” and the live will start automatically. You may  Macau Email List also be interested in this content! 7 types of live videos to test your digital strategy in 2020 Live Blogging:

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what it is and everything you need to know in 2020 Macau Email List Live Q&A: How to create real-time coverage? What is a live experience and how do you engage your audience with one? How to stream live on computer? Not all computers have a webcam and a sound system suitable Macau Email List  for conducting a live broadcast. So, the first step you should take is to check the presence and quality of these features on your device and, if necessary, invest in improvements. Here, it is worth remembering that the quality of the transmission is crucial to its success. After all, pixelated images and Macau Email List  distorted audio work as a real repellent for viewers, as, as soon as they notice poor quality, they tend to abandon live. After taking care of hardware issues, it is necessary to ensure that the software used supports the live performance. According to Google’s support page , your computer must have one of the following operating systems: Macau Email List  Windows 7 or higher; Mac OS X 10.7 or higher; Ubuntu 10+ or ​​higher.

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