As we’ve already talked about Bulgaria Email List, the time difference is a factor that makes this connection difficult, but it shouldn’t impede your efforts. Establish regular meetings and highlight the relevance of everyone’s participation. These meetings, which should preferably be held via video call, are excellent opportunities for you to ensure that everyone is on the same page, pass and receive feedback, align goals and make an overview of Bulgaria Email List  what can improve the performance of the teams. This exchange of feedbacks is essential for you to monitor the progress of the strategy, which is the only way to keep your results Bulgaria Email List in continuous optimization. Managing global teams is definitely not the easiest of tasks. However, this is a very motivating area, as it poses different challenges for those involved. With the use of the most appropriate techniques and tools, you will be more effective in this activity and bring more opportunities to the business. That’s why it’s a good idea to know the OKRs, goals that combine strategy with operation Bulgaria Email List . Download our ebook on the topic .

Brand experience: what is it, advantages and why invest in creating a brand experience

Brands need to work on their image Bulgaria Email List  to ensure market relevance and create identity, that is, to execute branding . This is often done through details. The brand experience is one of the most important concepts to strengthen brands in front of the public Bulgaria Email List . It is a work that involves the customer’s perception of them, which is a gradual and continuous effort, performed every time there is interaction or consumption. Consumers are aware of the smallest details that mark their experience with brands, whether when visiting a store or visiting an e-commerce . Each moment of this interaction helps to build consumer perception and, on the part of the stores, Bulgaria Email List  it is essential to work so that the print is the best possible. The basis of the brand experience is precisely to propose elements associated with the brand that make it possible to attract the public’s attention and generate value . For this, some bases build a concept that includes sensations.

What is brand experience

Perceptions and the connection between company and consumer. In this post we will talk more about the brand experience and how it is decisive Bulgaria Email List . The content will cover the following topics: What are the essential pillars of this concept? What are the gains when applying the brand experience? How does the concept work in practice? How important is the brand experience for brands? Read on and check it out! What is brand experience? Brand experience, translated into Portuguese as brand experience, is a strategic marketing concept that proposes that brands generate value in the interaction, contact and consumption experience between them and consumers. Bulgaria Email List  For this, several areas of perception are explored, always with the purpose of ensuring that the public builds its idea about companies based on the experience it had previously had. Considered a technique, the brand experience has been practiced for a long time, through details that, however striking, are not always perceived by the public as purposeful.

In recent years

with the advancement of Digital Marketing , it was necessary to develop proposals for the application of brand experience ideas for this environment as well. Contact and interactions In the relationship between consumers and brands, it is natural that there are moments of contact, which can be in person, such as a trip to the store, or at a distance, in a telephone or email service. For each of these contacts, there are also interactions, which are the exchange of information, conversations and the natural treatment that any dialogue requires. During these contacts and the interactions they generate, the brand experience is applied as the technique that allows the experiences to be outstanding . If the customer goes to retail, for example, an ideal strategy is for him to be received with a series of details that make a difference, such as: a comfortable and inviting environment; a store that plays a playlist that communicates the brand’s identity; a salesperson approach that creates brand awareness; a store and product aroma that causes a natural association; snacks and drinks served in the store; a branded tone of voice applied to a telephone answering service or an email; an effective,

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