First and foremost by optimizing our meetings, those intrusive synchronous moments of collaboration take us away from meaningful knowledge work. We can also pass on information asynchronously, before the meeting. The feeling of contributing to Denmark Phone Number List is something that transcends us as individuals leads to sense of purpose and meaning. Knowledge work presupposes just thinking, taking the time. Successful hybrid working means making more room for slow thinking. I can already see 2 possible applications.

With text or video Is Wrong

It is better not to let our ideas sink in and to formulate points of view, but before a meeting. Let us come together only for those activities that require our simultaneous presence. In her book The Art of Gathering, Priya Parker writes that a gathering is ‘a social contract’. And that’s right. Meeting participants and chairperson contract together, and their interaction starts before that. asynchronous. Not simultaneously.

Denmark Phone Number List
Denmark Phone Number List

The second example of slow thinking is taking time for reflection. Thinking about what we learn every day and sharing those insights with each other. In French we have a nice expression for this: reculer pour mieux sauter . Get started with these 10 questions I would like to convert the 3 tips into the following questionnaire. Are you going to work with your team? What are our high-value activities? How many hours of focus time do we block? How do we ensure that we use that focus time to go elephant hunting? Which meetings have little added value?

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