The pandemic has loosened work from the suffocating, buzzing hive. Employees have discovered that they can concentrate better at home – if the home situation allows it. The physical distance between colleagues has led to the discovery of the Brazil Phone Number List joys of focus, the benefits of sustained attention. Away from the tyranny of the team. Research by the Antwerp Management School shows that the possibility of focus is one of the main reasons. Why employers want to continue to promote work.

Working Is from home

I firmly advocate the right to be unavailable for 1 maximum of 2 hours a day. Successful hybrid working does not start with answering the question for which activities we go back to the office. It starts with institutionalizing focus time. I firmly advocate the right to be unavailable for 1 maximum of 2 hours a day. Meaningful knowledge work cannot tolerate constant interruptions.

Brazil Phone Number List
Brazil Phone Number List

Photo by Jason Strull on Unsplash 2. Don’t distract by jumping rabbits Thomas Boone Pickens (a wealthy American industrialist. Who died in 2019) used a nice metaphor when asked about it. The reason for his success. Also read: The era of hybrid works has begun. How do you shape that? For me, the term hybrid means a healthy balance between working alone and working with others. In my book The Hybrid Working – A Manifesto I refer to it as ‘the magic is in the mix. A man works at home and can concentrate.

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