That I acquired with great joy and some effort on my own. after all although for twentyfive years I have taught thousands of students of various social classes and educational levels I am unable to determine to which category those who express themselves best through photography belong. Perhaps in the categories of intelligent and sensitive people. But how exactly could an opinion poll determine them Maybe by asking them to classify themselves in the respective categories I avoid gallery photo exhibitions for many reasons. Among other things why I don’t have time why I’m saddened by the social side of art events why I don’t buy photos why the content of exhibitions is percentageally disappointing.

Why most gallerists

Ignore and rather inwardly despise photography why photography works wonderfully and with duration in the photo albums and why I dislike Shadow Making Service criticism on the leg. Does my attitude classify me as not interested in artistic photography And since when is visiting art galleries synonymous and identical with artistic interest and artistic knowledge When you refer to the confusion that prevails in the world about the types of photography you first touch on an issue of general and special education which unfortunately does not concern only photography. This confusion is exacerbated by ignorance since usually the halfeducated insist on considering artistic photographs with a very different content and goal from art while the uneducated are often closer to the essence of photography without worrying about its inclusion in categories.

Shadow Making Service

The confusion and half know

Ledge About Photography and Its Versions. Not Only Observed in the World but to a Significant Extent. Also  if as I Unfortunately Believe USA Phone List This is the Case Then the Problem is Much. More Serious It is Also Obvious That Everyone Can Ask for Very. Different and Often Contradictory Things From Art and From Photography in Particular. But to Reconnect With the Disputed Research. These Do Not Arise Either From His Social Class Nor From. The Degree of His Academic Education. After All There is No Shortage of Art Lovers Who Engage. In Social Consumption of Art Something Much Heavier and More Negative Than the Consumption of Advertising. And Television Images. And Finally Why Should We Reduce Art to a Political Issue is This How. We Attempt to Give It Fictitious Seriousness and Value. Of Course Depending on the Content of the Concept Political. Everything or Nothing is or is Not Political. But Perhaps Some Are Absolutely Metaphysical.

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