It is important not to ask them flatly: “What service do you need?” Find out the needs and expectations of colleagues by delving into their day-to-day work. What are they actually doing? What are they up against? What information Costa Rica Phone Number List sources and systems do they use? Then what for? And is that always right or sometimes wrong? What then? And so forth. By entering into conversations with colleagues in this way, you find out what works (and therefore perhaps you can learn from) and also what does not go well – and therefore.

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Let employees indicate their own priorities Don’t just rely on conversations. Because let’s face it: how many colleagues can you properly speak to in a series of interviews or workshops? It is wise to make a good sample of colleagues and let them vote on what they find most important in supporting their work. Which: information? functions? forms? persons or departments? systems? What if these do colleagues need more often than other things?

Costa Rica Phone Number List
Costa Rica Phone Number List

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This form of prioritization gives you an idea of ​​what you need to work on first. All stakeholders at the table With the communication and ICT departments together you often come a long way when it comes to intranet and the digital work environment. Do you want to improve digital services in addition to communication and collaboration? Then you need more partners in crime. First of all, there is human resources or human resources (hr). In addition, there is the department for housing or facility affairs.

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