The best of 2021: top 10 articles about digital workplace & hybrid working Experts: 2022 is the year of hybrid (cooperation) working No more working from home advice: how do you really tackle hybrid working properly? About the author, Isabel De Clercq from connecting |share|lead Light the fire. Enthusiasm people. Translating an infectious China Phone Number List vision of the future into practice. Isabel is the best at that. She inspir by self-leadership, knowledge sharing.

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1 item more about Isabel De Clercq Read more about Collaboration To collaborate Digital workplace HR. Every organization has to deal with it. An aspiring colleague has agreed to join your company and you can start preparing. Of course, you want to ensure that that first, all-important impression remains positive when you join the company.

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I discuss the steps involved and how you can automate them through the use of marketing automation. I then point out how we help even more. In the near future by the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). Finally, I will explain why it is important not to focus on full automation. What do we mean by automation of pre-and onboarding?

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