Sometimes you can adjust or choose the structure based on that. You actually want to move towards a structure in which you can find your flow: a situation in which you are completely absorbed in your tasks and perform at your best. You become Jamaica Phone Number List ecstatic, experience intense satisfaction, and forget all the hassle around you. Give it to me! There are a number of steps that will give you some structure in the pursuit of your flow. S

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et a goal Go through the creative process Complete the tasks diligently Gauge the energy follow the flow About the book ‘Play skills’ Vincent and I first met in 2019. His statement ‘Communication is the most important when things get awkward’ still buzzes through my head regularly. Apparently, I end up in a lot of awkward situations, but that aside. I was already impressed by his person then, so I was really looking forward to his book.

Jamaica Phone Number List
Jamaica Phone Number List

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I also found it a bit exciting, because what if I didn’t like it at all? Then I would have written that down here without further ado, but that is not the case. ‘Playing Skills’ is a wonderful book. You learn how your brain works, how scientists try to capture creativity, and how the creative process works. It is a nice variety of theories, examples, and exercises. Suitable for every professional who has work where creativity is an important part.

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