So that’s a real challenge when it comes to bridging Dubai Email List that partisan divide. Say if you look at the 17 advanced economies, the U.S. is the highest in terms of conflict around social issues. So, you’ve got this tremendous sorting within the country, and then it really stands out when you look at us compared to other countries. Dan LeDuc: How did we get to that number Dubai Email List like you talked about, Sue, a minute ago, that 40% on one side and 40% on the other actually view the other side as bad people? Sarah Rosen Wartell: If we understood exactly how we got here, we might understand how to reverse it. I think part of our problem is that there’s a Dubai Email List lot at stake right now. Parts of our society are seeing amazing returns, from technology, from education, that are improving our standards of living exponentially.

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And, yet, others aren’t experiencing that at all. And these divides Dubai Email List are not only the haves and have-nots, because within that there’s a lot more complexity. And, within that, if you demonize the other side, if you demonize those who [think] populism means that somebody else has done well in society and you have not, we’ve had some leaders of late who have really played into that. And then against that, we have a long history in the United States of racism, and we have a long history in which people’s fear of the other, which is a human emotion, has been Dubai Email List played to in ways. So, you have this sort of phenomenon of fear of the other and a ever more richly changing demographic landscape, which is, I would argue, one of our greatest richness Dubai Email List. That is a moment when people are feeling vulnerable, and it’s easy for a demagogue to come into that and really play those forces against one another.


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Sue Urahn: A lot of people way smarter than I am have spent Dubai Email List a lot of time and energy trying to diagnose why it is that we are here and how we might get out. I would point out a couple of things. One is that it is a global phenomenon. It’s not just this Dubai Email List country where we’re seeing some of these challenges. But, also, that in the face of these ever-increasing difficulties, policy still gets made. And this is what I find the most interesting thing, five weeks after President Trump’s impeachment trial, Congress passed the CARES Act, a $2.2 trillion package Dubai Email List of COVID relief and economic relief. And it was bipartisan. Five weeks after a very challenging election in 2020, they passed another $900 billion in pandemic relief. Congress can come together

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